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At Maybury Child Care, your child will be involved in developmentally-appropriate activities throughout each day. We place a large focus on education. Our classrooms are separated out for optimal learning experiences. This gives our teachers the chance to fully focus on the education needs of their class. Various experiences will be provided within each age group to promote school-readiness and development.




  • Visual Stimulation: bright colors, interesting shapes to observe

  • Social Interaction: playing and sharing with other children

  • Motor Skills and Muscle Development: building with blocks, shape sorting, catching and throwing

  • Language Development: interaction with teachers and other children

  • Exploring their Senses: touch, smell, taste, and hearing

  • Trust in Adults: relationships with caregivers





  • Social Interaction: playing and sharing with other children

  • Gaining Independence: teaching and allowing children to do things on their own, with help if needed

  • Learn to Explore and Experiment: discovering things in their environment and thinking about how they work

  • Learn to Deal with Emotions and Frustration ­ hitting, biting, and throwing

  • Learn Colors: match and sort

  • Fine Motor Skills: puzzles and blocks


Toddler One: If your child is walking, taking one nap a day, eating solid foods and drinking from a sippy cup, they are ready for our Toddler One room! There is a strong emphasis on language development as vocabulary grows most rapidly in this second year of life. We expose children to language through songs, books, simple language and of course, through play! Our little ones are learning so much through play. We have several exploration stations where they get the opportunity to discover and grow!


Toddler Two: Welcome to the wonderful world of two year olds! It is amazing to watch the growth that happens at this age. Language skills continue to explode and children at this age are learning to do lots of things on their own. The emphasis in this room is on teaching skills to gain some of that independence and give children a chance to feel success as they try new things. They learn to drink from a cup, stand in line, put on their coats, use the bathroom, clean up toys and much, much more. We also do two circle times daily and expose children to skills and knowledge that will help them as they move into preschool. We count to 10 (and higher) learn our colors and shapes, sing our ABC's and learn lots of other new songs. We continue to work on gross motor skills we learned in toddler one and do lots more with fine motor skills as well.